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"Doing Well by Doing Good."
Beetle Bug Fire Safety App
Partners for saving lives.

Child Safety Apps partners with for profit and non-profit organizations that benefit children, their families, and communities .
Cause Related Marketing (CRM)- where a business and community group join together to market a product or service that is effective and mutually beneficial.
Business partnerships are a land of rich opportunities for co-creation and mutual benefit. By leveraging skills and knowledge you can create programs that are sustainable and successful.  
Getting it right means choosing social themes that are relevant to business and communities; identifying mutually beneficial activities; achieving effective results and sharing financial success.   
“Doing well by doing good.”

Beetle Bug - Fire Safety

Raising dollars to benefit Charities
with the Beetle Bug Fire Safety App
See how you can help spread the Bug, the safety Bug. Contact us and let’s talk about how we can customize our apps and products to dramatically increase your fund raising efforts.